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A Guide to Buying Period Pants for Your Daughter

Ah, the teenage years—full of growth, change, and, of course, first periods. It's an exciting and sometimes scary time for both teenagers and their parents.

When it comes to periods, it's important to find the right products that offer comfort, protection, and peace of mind. That's where period pants come into play. In this guide, we're diving into why period pants are a great choice for teens.

So, grab a cuppa and let's explore how Fluxies period pants can make the journey into womanhood a lot easier!

Why are period pants a great option for teens?

Period pants are like the heroes of period products, and they're particularly great for teenagers. Here's why:

Leak-proof: Period pants have a built-in leak-proof layer so there are no leaks, even on heavy flow days. Teens can go about their daily activities without worrying about leaks or stains.

Comfort is key: Fluxies period pants are super comfy—no bulky pads or tampons to deal with. They provide a snug fit and feel like regular underwear, making them ideal for active teens.

Eco-friendly: Period pants are environmentally friendly. They reduce waste by removing the need for disposable products, which is something young people are passionate about.

No more sneaky stash: There's no need to stash tampons or pads in their bags or lockers. Period pants can be worn for 12 hours, making them a convenient choice.

Easy to use and care for: Period pants are much easier to use than tampons or menstrual cups. They are also machine washable, so caring for them is a breeze. No more fussing with disposing of used products—just toss them in the wash and voilà!

How to talk to a teenager about period pants

Approaching periods can be tricky, but it's important to talk with your teen. Here are some tips for discussing periods and period pants:

Choose the right time: Find a relaxed moment to bring up the topic. You could mention it during a shopping trip or a quiet evening at home.

Be informative: Explain what period pants are and how they work. Highlight the benefits, such as comfort and protection.

Encourage questions: Let your teenager ask questions and express any concerns they may have. Provide honest answers to help reduce any worries.

Share stories: If you have any experiences with period pants, share them! Personal stories can make the conversation more relatable and less scary.

Respect their choices: Ultimately, the decision to use period pants should be up to your teenager. Respect their choice, whether they want to try them or prefer another option.

How to find the best period pant fit for your teenager

Finding the right fit for period pants is important to ensure comfort and effectiveness. Here's how to get the perfect fit for your teen:

Measure carefully: Period pants for girls are sized for teens specifically so it's important to measure carefully. Use a measuring tape to determine your teenager's waist and hip measurements. Most brands, including Fluxies, provide sizing guides to help you choose the right size.

Consider absorbency: Different days of a period might need different absorbency levels. Fluxies offer various absorbencies, so consider your teen's flow when choosing.

Check the style: Period pants for teens come in different styles, such as bikini, hipster, and high-waist. Let your teen choose a style they find comfortable and stylish.

Read reviews: Online reviews can provide insights into the fit and comfort of different brands and styles. It's a good idea to do some research before making a purchase.

Speak with customer service: If you're unsure about sizing or style, talk to the brand's customer service. They often provide guidance to help you make the right choice.

Teaching your teenager to wear period pants

Now that you've chosen the perfect pair, it's time to teach your teenager how to wear and care for them:

Putting them on: It's as simple as slipping into regular underwear. Explain the importance of making sure they fit snugly to prevent leaks.

Changing as needed: Depending on your teen's flow, they may need to change their undies once or twice a day. Make sure they know how to remove and replace them.

Caring for period pants: Period pants can be machine washed. Teach your teen how to rinse them after use, store them until laundry day, and follow the care instructions provided.

Pack extras: Encourage your teenager to keep a spare pair in their bag, just in case.

Stay positive: Remind your teen that using period pants is a great step towards managing their period with confidence. Celebrate this new chapter together!

Wrapping it up

Navigating periods as a teenager can be challenging, but with the right products and support, it becomes much more manageable. Fluxies period pants offer teens a comfortable, reliable, and eco-friendly solution. By talking about periods and finding the right period products, you can empower your teen.

So, here's to hassle-free periods, eco-conscious choices, and empowering the next generation of young women!


What should I include in a first period pack?

Creating a first period pack is a great way to support a teenager as they experience this milestone. Here are some things you can include:

Fluxies First Period Kit for Teens: Start with the essentials. At fluxies, we sell period underwear for teens. We offer a first period kit that includes three best-selling period pants at a discounted price.

Chocolates or treats: A sweet treat can provide a comforting touch during those sometimes uncomfortable days.

Face creams or skincare: Hormonal changes during menstruation can sometimes affect the skin. Include gentle face creams or skincare products to help maintain healthy skin.

Hot water bottle or heating pad: These can be a real lifesaver for soothing cramps and providing warmth and comfort. Why not try fluxies extra long hot water bottle, which ties around the waist?

Comfortable underwear: In addition to period underwear, comfortable underwear is always a good idea. Include some soft, breathable pairs for extra comfort.

What age do you start your period?

Most girls start their first period between 9 and 16. However, everyone is different. Things like genetics, nutrition, and overall health can influence the timing of a girl's first period.

How can I help make my daughters period easier?

You can make your daughter's periods easier by teaching her about the menstrual cycle. Explain what will happen, and reassure her that it's a normal part of growing up. Things like a period starter pack, including items like girls' period pants and painkillers will keep her prepared.

You can also encourage your daughter to track her period. Tracking your period with a calendar or app helps prepare for when it's coming. Also, normalising period talk within the family can help your daughter feel more comfortable. And remember to empower your daughter to choose the right period products that feel comfortable for her.