The Best Period Pants of 2023 and Why You'll Love Them

The Best Period Pants of 2023 and Why You'll Love Them
Everyone is talking about period pants - and they've taken centre stage for good reason. Single-use disposables are a huge issue for Mother Earth. The average person uses over 11,000 disposables during their lifetime, and the UK flushes an estimated 4 million pads and tampons EVERY SINGLE DAY, polluting our planet with tonnes of plastic. And aside from tackling plastic pollution, reusable period pants also offer a comfortable, stylish and modern way to period. Winning all-round.
If you're sick of relying on disposable pads and tampons, and you're looking for a simple and sustainable alternative, leak proof period underwear might be the thing you need. With all the different styles, colours, and absorbencies available, you're bound to find the best period pants for you!

First off, exactly what are period pants?

If this is all new to you, it's probably best to start by giving you a quick low-down on what period pants actually are and how they work.
Period pants are a special type of underwear designed for you to use while you’re on your period. Made from super absorbent and odour eliminating fabrics, they can completely replace disposable pads and tampons and absorb your menstrual flow with no leaks in sight. You can wash and reuse them month after month, saving you money and reducing your carbon footprint!
They look like regular underwear, so you feel comfortable and confident. With a range of styles available, from Sleep Shorts to Thongs, there's something to suit everyone.

How do they work?

Period underwear uses multiple layers of special fabric that works together to keep you fresh, dry and protected, through even the heaviest of flows. The different fabrics are usually moisture wicking, super absorbent and leak proof. This means that depending on the brand, they can completely replace pads, tampons and menstrual cups.
Depending on the style of underwear, our period pants can absorb up to 5 tampons' worth of blood and can be worn for up to 12 hours, day or night. Our period pants are hygienic to wear, odour-eliminating, and free from toxins and chemicals.
Our period pants can be washed and reused for up to three years, and every pair you buy replaces at least 200+ disposables, making them a sustainable solution, whilst making your life easier at the same time.

Here's our full round-up of the best styles of period pants and why you'll love them:

Bikini Style Period Pants

Bikini style period underwear with pretty lace detail
Who doesn't love a good pair of Bridget Jones Bikini style undies for that time of the month? Pairing comfort with a classic design, it's a no brainer.
Our best-selling Bikini period underwear is made from super soft Micro-Modal material, and the cute lace design gives them lots of stretch, making them ultra comfortable. They're also super soft and available in three different absorbencies, so you can have the right amount of protection throughout your cycle.
- Light holds 2 tampons worth
- Moderate holds 3 tampons worth
- Heavy holds 4 tampons worth
Why we love them:
- Pretty lace design
- Sizes up to 4XL
- Eco friendly soft materials

Sleep Shorts

Sleep Short period pants
We love Shorts on our period! With most Short style period pants offering more protection and coverage, they're a great addition to your cycle set, especially for relaxing around the house or sleeping leak-free through the night.
Our comfy Sleep Short period pants are built with super absorbency to keep you protected all night long. Made from super-soft cotton and with a protective layer offering extra coverage from front to back, you can rest assured you'll be protected from midnight leaks and stained sheets!
- Super Heavy holds up to 5 tampons worth
Why we love them:
- Soft and breathable cotton
- Comfy Boxer Short style
- Full coverage

Seamless Period Underwear

Woman wearing seamless black period underwear laying on her side
Seamless period pants are usually thin, smooth and offer a great solution for those who like to wear tighter clothes or avoid VPL's! They're great for the days leading up to your period, spotting in between periods, or those lighter days where your period is not sure if it's finished or not!
Our Seamless period proof underwear is ultra-thin, super smooth and truly invisible. Bye-bye pantyliners! Designed with soft, lightweight nylon, they are super stretchy, comfortable, and can be worn seamlessly under anything. The breathable fabric keeps things nice and cool, and of course, our signature built-in tech absorbs moisture and prevents leaks.
- Light holds up to 2 tampons worth
Why we love them:
- VPL-free
- Super-smooth and thin
- Available in a variety of colours

Leak Proof Thongs

A thong on your period? Who knew! Period-proof Thongs are a great solution for those with very light bleeding or spotting.
Our Thong style period undies are available in Black and Beige and are ultra-thin, seam-free and totally leak-proof, making them your complete replacement for pantyliners.
- Ultra-light holds up to half a tampon or one pantyliner
Why we love them:
- Seam-free
- Ultra thin
- Available in different colours

High Waisted Period Pants

High waisted period underwear
High Waisted period pants are the perfect match for those bloated period days. Offering coverage up to your waist, you'll feel fully covered and protected — something we all need during our time of the month.
Our period-proof tummy hugging High Waist undies promise to keep you comfortable and supported during your period. Made with super soft and sustainable Micro-Modal fabric on the inside, silky smooth nylon outside, and chic mesh panels for added style. The super absorbent gusset means they feel like normal undies, but keep you fresh and dry, day and night.
- Light holds up to 2 tampons worth
- Heavy holds up to 4 tampons worth
Why we love them:
- Tummy hugging style
- Full protection and coverage
- Super soft and stretchy
So now you know our favourite styles of period pants, which will you choose?
You can shop our full collection of period pants or head to our mix and match builder to create your first cycle set today.

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